Valentine's day in Sweden is called All Hearts' Day. On this very day we are extra geneorus with our love. But because every heart is unique, they deserve more days in the calendar. And love, lots of it.
All Hearts' Days is a digital calendar that highlights a different heart disease on the 14th of each month, raising funds for children with congenital heart disease. By utilizing free software such as Google and Icloud calendar, the campaign was able to be created on a zero dollar budget. 
Since people who already have donated once, are more likely to donate again, the campaign will start by inviting existing donors. Through the built in push notification digital calendars inherit, supporters of the Swedish Heartchild Foundation are then reminded to contribute. The calendar is easy to share, allowing users to encourage their loved ones to fill their schedules with the most important days of the year.
Client: Swedish Heartchild Foundation.
Brief: Create a campaign with zero dollars at your disposal and remind people to donate.
Innovation: All Hearts' Days.
​​​​​​​Berghs Award 2023: Power
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Copywriters: Albert Bäckman, Lucas Klarén.
Art directors: Clara Pagh, Matilda Holmqvist
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