Every year 130.000 cyclists in the US are injured in traffic. Most cyclist fatalities occur at intersections caused by drivers not detecting cyclists early enough, due to the communicative power imbalance between them. Where motorists have a horn to communicate with surrounding traffic, cyclists are only equipped with an analog bell whose sound isn’t heard by motorists inside of the car.
The Connected Bike Bell connects to the Volvo Cars App when the cyclist is within reach. If needed cyclists can press the button on their bell which alerts the drivers – inside of the car. Effectively equalizing the power imbalance between cyclists and motorists, ensuring road safety for everyone.
Client: Volvo
Brief: How can Volvo bring saftey beyond the car by using existing technology?
Innovation: Connected Bike Bell
Cannes Future Lions Grand Prix Winner 2023
Copywriters: Albert Bäckman, Rebecka Rydgren.
Art directors: Emil Sörensen, Sandra Alwan, Clara Pagh.
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