With over 180 million yearly viewers, Eurovision has become a melting pot of countries, cultures and most importantly - languages. This year, nearly half of the contestants choose to perform in their mother tongue causing both curiosity and confusion. Because, even though hardcore fans already know their favorite Eurosongs by heart, few actually understand the lyrics.
Eurolingo teaches fans what their favorite Eurovision song actually means. To prepare fans with language skills for the trip to next year's competition, Eurolingo will generate useful phrases based on the selected song.
Client: Duolingo
Brief: Get Gen Z and millennials to sign up to learn with Duolingo by creating a buzzworthy idea that taps into their fandoms and help them get more out of what they love.
Solution: Eurolingo
Young Ones Entry 2024
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Copywriters: Albert Bäckman, Rebecka Rydgren
Art directors: Mahina Köhlin, Stella Jeansson, Emil Sörensen
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