Clothing made from synthetic materials accounts for 35% of the microplastic pollution in the world's oceans, released every time we do our laundry. However, consumers are seldom reminded of how they can reduce the spread of microplastics when washing. This might be due to the fact that washing instructions are only made for preserving the garment and not the environment. That's why we've introduced the first-ever washing symbol that considers not just the garment's durability, but the planet's as well. 
'The Micro Symbol of Act' encourages consumers to use a microfilter bag when laundering synthetic clothes. By doing so, we can lessen the dispersion of microplastics and take a significant step towards cleaner seas and more abundant marine life.

Client: Understatement
Brief: How can Understatement develop a solution that contribute to SDG #14:Life below water.
Innovation: Micro Symbol of Act
Example of press kit distribution introducing the symbol:
Copywriter: Albert Bäckman, Art Director: Mahina Köhlin, Design: Augusta Sävblom, Production manager: Sonja Djanaieff, Strategy: Alexandra Tagebjer.
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