Gaming remains America’s favorite pastime with more than 212 Million Americans playing regularly, and they already have a saving habit. But it’s not saving money.
Gamers constantly hit the F5 key to quicksave game progress, demonstrating an innate saving behavior without realizing it. What if you could combine game saving progress with saving money?
'Quicksaver', by Wells Fargo, saves money when you save your game. By using a macro that connects the F5 key to your savings account, every in-game quicksave transfers a small sum of savings. Seamlessly turning an existing saving habit into another saving habit. 
Client: Wells Fargo
Brief: How can we help a new customer segment to a healthier economy?
Innovation: Quicksaver
How Quicksaver works:
Copywriters: Albert Bäckman, Klas Kalderén.
Art directors: Emil Sörensen, Clara Pagh
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