'The Ever-Changing Ad' is the first ad liberated from any beauty standards. Instead of portraying one constant model, Dove encourages women worldwide to become part of their ad through an Instagram filter designed by Dove. The ad’s content will then be generated based on the photo submissions from women around the world.

By applying generative AI on the accumulation of photos, the ad evolves in real time on billboards in New York, London, Shanghai and Rio de Janeiro. With each new photo submission, the ad progressively distances itself from fixed beauty ideals while creating the ad with the most representation in history.
Client: Dove
Brief: Create a fresh and bold campaign that broadens the definition of beauty for the next 20 years.
Solution: The Ever-Changing Ad
Young Ones Entry 2024
SOME filter:
OOH Times Square:
Copywirter: Albert Bäckman
Art director: Mahina Köhlin
Designers: Augusta Sävblom, Isak Hagberg
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